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Lenzie Meadow Primary School

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School Information 

School name:

Lenzie Meadow Primary School and Early Years Centre

Head Teacher:

Mrs Sheona Allen

Depute Head Teachers:

Mrs Lorraine Donnelly/Mrs Elaine Gardiner

Principal Teachers:

Mrs Lesley Gordon/ Mrs Jill Donald / Mrs Claire Loney (Acting)

Planning capacity:


Present role:

88 nursery  /  566 school

Stages covered:

2 – 5 Years Nursery and Primary 1 – 7

Class Structure
Class structure
Early level  First level  Second level
Nursery Primary 2A Primary 5A
Primary 1A Primary 2B Primary 5B
Primary 1B Primary 2C Primary 5C
Primary 1C Primary 3A Primary 6A
  Primary 3B Primary 6B
  Primary 4A Primary 6C
  Primary 4B Primary 7A
  Primary 4C Primary 7B
    Primary 7C

Composite classes are formed in line with East Dunbartonshire’s guidelines. There is a class reduction policy implemented within the P2-P3 stages where no class will be larger than 30 and where possible no larger than 25 in P1.

Denominational Status:

Non – denominational


Co – educational

Parents should note that the working capacity of the school may vary depending on the number of pupils at each stage and the way in which the classes are organised.

Our Primary School hours:

  • Primary 1

    (UNTIL 04.09.17)

    09:00 - 12:15 SESSION

  • Primary 1-7

    09:00 - 12:15 SESSION

    13:00 - 15:00 SESSION

  • Intervals

    10:30 - 10:45

    12:15 - 13:00 LUNCH

Get in touch

Moss Road, Lenzie, G66 4HW

0141 955 2366